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A person who is qualified, by virtue of his education, training, experience and contextual knowledge, to make a determination regarding the performance of a building or part thereof in relation to a functional regulation

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  • SP Energy undertakes the design and implementation of Energy Management Systems

  • The UWC Sport Centre was designed to make use of natural daylight


  • The UWC Sport Centre was designed to make use of natural daylight

Energy Efficiency Handbook

The Handbook will enable building professionals to master and implement the Energy Amendments to the National Building Regulations XA1- XA3, and the supporting Standards SANS 10400 XA and SANS 204 Energy Efficiency in Buildings. The material has been compiled to serve as a reference for practitioners and contractors.

If used in conjunction with the SANS 10400 XA training courses offered by Structatherm Projects, it will empower participants to act in the capacity of the Competent Persons: Energy, and give guidance on performing Rational Designs in terms of the Regulations and Standards.

Already the Handbook has been adapted into a training manual for the aforementioned courses, and is used to train architects, quantity surveyors, engineers, “Competent Persons” as stipulated in the National Building Regulations and SANS 10400 XA / SANS 204, as well as developers and other professionals within the construction industry as a whole.

This book is a must-have for Architects, Competent Persons, and other Industry Professionals who need to be familiar with the recently amended National Building Regulations and SANS 10400 XA and SAN S204.

A printed version of the Handbooks is available here.

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